BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

LED ring lights have become a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers, particularly in the age of social media and content creation. They produce soft, even illumination that helps to minimise shadows and give a more appealing appearance. In this article, we will explore the BEST LED ring lights for photography in India, their features, and what to consider before buying one.

Here are the BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

Digitek DRL-18 inch LED Ring Light

BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

In India, photographers and videographers like the Digitek DRL-18 LED Ring Light. It has an 18-inch diameter and comes with a stand and a carrying bag. The colour temperature range of the light is 3200K to 5600K, which means it can generate both warm and cool tones. It also contains a dimmer control for adjusting the brightness of the light. The Digitek DRL-18 LED Ring Light is compatible with most cameras and smartphones, and it includes a Bluetooth remote for controlling your phone’s camera.

Read about the BEST DIGITEK Professional LED ring Light


  • Size: The diameter of the ring light is 18 inches, making it suitable for large setups and group shots.
  • LEDs: It features 480 high-quality SMD LEDs with a color temperature of 3200K-5600K, which can be adjusted to suit different lighting requirements.
  • Power: The ring light requires an AC power source, and has a power output of 50W, providing bright and consistent lighting for your shoots.
  • Dimming: The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted from 0-100% using the included dimmer switch, giving you full control over the lighting intensity.
  • Color rendering index (CRI): The ring light has a CRI of 95+, ensuring that colors are reproduced accurately and vividly.
  • Accessories: The DRL-18H C comes with a range of accessories, including a smartphone holder, a ball head adapter for cameras, and a carry bag for easy transportation.
  • Compatibility: The ring light is compatible with most cameras and smartphones, making it a versatile tool for content creators and professionals.
  • Mounting: The ring light can be mounted on a light stand or tripod using the included mounting bracket, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of the light as needed.

Osaka 18 inch LED Ring Light

BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

The Osaka 18″ LED Ring Light is a high-quality lighting solution for photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and content creators. It is intended to produce even and soft lighting to highlight the subject’s characteristics while removing harsh shadows. It has been a popular choice for both experts and amateurs due to its diverse features and high-quality performance.


  • Diameter: 18 inches
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Color temperature: 2700K-5500K
  • Lumens: 4800LM
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): >90
  • Voltage: AC 100-240V/ DC 15V
  • Material: aluminum alloy and ABS plastic
  • Number of LEDs: 240
  • Dimming range: 1%-100%
  • Control options: remote control and on-device buttons
  • Mounting options: adjustable tripod stand and phone holder
  • Accessories: carrying bag and power adapter

Amazon Basics LED Ring Light (12-inch)

BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

The Amazon Basics LED Ring Light is a versatile and cost-effective lighting option for content creators, photographers, and anybody else who needs adequate lighting for their movies and images. It is great for home studios, vlogging, and live streaming because to its compact 12-inch size and ease of usage. Whether you are a pro or a novice, this LED Ring Light can assist you in achieving the ideal lighting for your purposes.


  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Power: 10 watts
  • Number of LED bulbs: 128
  • Color temperature: 5600K
  • Brightness levels: 3 (low, medium, high)
  • Color modes: 3 (white, warm white, yellow)
  • Power source: USB cable (included)
  • Mounting options: desktop stand or tripod (not included)
  • Compatibility: smartphone or camera (with adapter, not included)


BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

The DIGITEK (DRL-18H C) Professional 46 CM (18″ inch) Big LED Ring Light has a dimming range of 10%-100% for fine control over light intensity. It also features a colour temperature that can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K, making it simple to tailor the illumination to the ambient lighting of the shooting site.

The ring light features 480 high-quality LED lights with a brightness of 4800LM, making it excellent for filming in low-light situations. The CRI (colour rendering index) is greater than 90, indicating that the light reproduces colours and skin tones accurately.

The DIGITEK (DRL-18H C) is a professional-grade LED ring light designed for photography and videography. Here are the specifications of this product:

  • Diameter: 46cm (18 inches)
  • Power output: 55W
  • Color temperature: 3200K-5600K (adjustable)
  • Number of LED lights: 480
  • CRI: >90
  • Luminance: 4800LM
  • Dimming range: 10%-100%
  • Power source: AC 100-240V, DC 12-24V
  • Remote control: Yes, wireless remote control included
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic
  • Weight: 3.7kg

Tygot 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Camera

BEST LED Ring Lights for Photography in India

The Tygot 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Camera is a popular choice for photographers and videographers searching for an economical and versatile lighting solution. Its huge size and multiple brightness settings provide excellent flexibility and convenience for a wide range of applications. The Tygot LED Ring Light will help you take your content to the next level, whether you’re a professional photographer, YouTuber, or just starting out.


  • Diameter: 10 inches
  • Number of LED Bulbs: 120
  • Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K
  • Dimmable: Yes, with adjustable brightness levels
  • Power: 10W
  • Power Source: USB cable
  • Tripod Stand: Adjustable and extendable up to 51 inches
  • Phone Holder: Compatible with most smartphones
  • Remote Control: Yes, for convenient operation
  • Material: Made of high-quality ABS plastic and aluminum alloy

DIGITEK (DRL 14C) Professional (14 inch) LED Ring Light

For photographers, videographers, and content creators, the DIGITEK (DRL-14C) Professional (31cm) Dual Temperature LED Ring Light is a versatile and high-quality lighting option. This LED ring light is perfect for portrait photography, video shots, and product photography since it provides uniform lighting. With temperature and brightness settings that can be adjusted, you can fine-tune the lighting to obtain the appropriate look and feel for your creative work.


  • Diameter: 31cm/14 inches
  • Power output: 45 watts
  • Number of LEDs: 240
  • Color temperature range: 3200K-5600K (adjustable)
  • Brightness range: 1%-100% (adjustable)
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating: >90
  • Input voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage: DC 15V, 5A
  • Power cord length: 2 meters
  • Mounting options: comes with a light stand and phone holder
  • Additional features: dual temperature control (warm and cool), remote control for easy adjustments, diffuser and color filters included

Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying an LED Ring Light

  1. Size and Diameter: When purchasing an LED ring light, one of the first things to consider is the size and diameter of the light. The size of the catchlight in your subject’s eyes and the size of the light on your subject are determined by the diameter of the light. A bigger diameter bulb produces a greater catchlight and more even light coverage. Larger ring lights, on the other hand, can be heavier and more difficult to transport. When deciding on the size and diameter of the light, keep your demands and portability in mind.
  2. Color Temperature and CRI: When purchasing an LED ring light, colour temperature is an important consideration. It relates to the colour of the light emitted by the LED ring light and is measured in Kelvin (K). Different colour temperatures can elicit various moods and sensations in your photographs and films. A warmer colour temperature (lower Kelvin value) can, for example, produce a more cosy and intimate ambiance, whilst a cooler colour temperature (higher Kelvin value) can provide a more professional and clinical appearance. Furthermore, the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a significant metric to consider because it assesses how precisely the light source reproduces the subject’s colours. A high CRI value indicates that the light source accurately reproduces colors, while a low CRI value can lead to inaccurate color representation.
  3. Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature: Some LED ring lights include adjustable brightness and colour temperature. This allows you to customise the brightness and colour temperature of the light to meet your specific demands. When shooting in varied lighting circumstances, the adjustable brightness option is beneficial, while the adjustable colour temperature feature is useful for generating diverse moods and effects.
  4. Power Source: Batteries or an AC adaptor can power LED ring lights. Battery-powered LED ring lights are more portable and may be used outdoors, whilst AC-powered LED ring lights are more dependable and can offer steady power for longer periods of time.
  5. Mounting Options: LED ring lights are available with a variety of mounting options, including tripod and hot shoe mounts. Tripod mounts provide stability and flexibility, whereas hot shoe mounts allow you to attach the LED ring light straight to your camera.
  6. Accessories: Diffusers and filters are optional accessories for some LED ring lights. Diffusers can soften the light and make it appear more natural, whereas filters can generate distinct colour effects and moods.
  7. Price: LED ring lights are available at a variety of pricing points, ranging from low-cost alternatives to high-end professional lighting. When selecting an LED ring light, keep your budget in mind as well as the qualities that are important to you.

Finally, LED ring lights are a fantastic lighting choice for photography and cinematography. Consider the size and diameter, colour temperature and CRI, adjustable brightness and colour temperature, power supply, mounting choices, accessories, and pricing when purchasing an LED ring light. By taking these elements into account, you can select the LED ring light that best meets your demands and produce stunning and professional-looking results in your photography and cinematography.

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LED Ring Lights Uses

LED ring lights have a variety of uses in different fields and industries. Here are some common applications:

  1. Photography and Videography: LED ring lights are frequently used in photography and cinematography to provide uniformly spread lighting. The light’s circular shape produces a gentle, diffused light that reduces shadows and enhances face features. They’re especially well-liked for portrait photography, cosmetic tutorials, and video blogging.
  2. Makeup and Beauty: LED ring lights are popular among cosmetic professionals and beauty fans because they provide uniform lighting, eliminating the appearance of defects and assuring precise colour representation. The even illumination aids in the application of beautiful cosmetics and adds a professional touch to beauty content.
  3. Video Conferencing and Streaming:LED ring lights have grown in popularity as a tool for video conferencing, online meetings, and live broadcasting. They improve illumination conditions in dimly lit spaces, allowing others to see your face more clearly. The ring light can be placed behind the camera to create a well-lit, flattering image.
  4. Product Photography: LED ring lights are ideal for photographing high-quality products, especially little goods like jewellery, cosmetics, or food. The uniform lighting minimises harsh shadows, enriches colours, and accentuates product details, resulting in visually pleasing and professional-looking photos.
  5. Macro Photography: In macro photography, LED ring lights are frequently used to illuminate small items up close. They create a concentrated and shadow-free light source surrounding the lens, allowing photographers to capture delicate details with pinpoint accuracy.
  6. Medical and Dental Procedures: LED ring lights are utilised in specific treatments and tests in the medical and dental industries. They help doctors and dentists illuminate specific locations, allowing for greater visibility and precision during examinations, surgeries, and dental operations.
  7. Live Performances and Entertainment: LED ring lights are utilized in various live performances, such as theater, concerts, and dance performances. They create dynamic and vibrant lighting effects, enhancing the overall visual experience for the audience.
  8. YouTube and Social Media Content Creation: LED ring lights have grown in popularity among YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok content creators. They provide a professional lighting setup for filming films, lessons, and vlogs, raising visual quality and overall production value.

How to use LED Ring Light with phone?

Using a ring light with a phone is relatively simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a ring light with your phone:

  1. Set up the ring light: Place the ring light on a stable surface, such as a table or tripod. Ensure that the light is securely positioned and won’t topple over.
  2. Attach the phone holder: Most LED ring lights come with a phone holder attachment. Locate the phone holder on the ring light and adjust it to fit your phone size. Tighten the holder to secure your phone in place.
  3. Connect the power source: Plug in the ring light to a power source using the provided power cord. Depending on the type of ring light, you may need to connect it to an outlet or use a USB power source.
  4. Adjust the light settings: The brightness and colour temperature of most LED ring lights are adjustable. Look for the control buttons or knobs on the ring light. Press or rotate them to adjust the brightness and colour temperature to your liking.
  5. Position the ring light: Place the ring light in front of you, ensuring that the light is facing you directly. The circular shape of the ring light should surround the phone’s camera.
  6. Turn on the ring light: Locate the power button on the ring light and turn it on. The light should illuminate, providing even and diffused lighting.
  7. Start using your phone: Open your phone’s camera or any other app you want to utilise. The ring light will create a well-lit area, decreasing shadows and improving the quality of your images or videos.
  8. Experiment with angles: You may alter the angle of the ring light or move it closer or farther away from your face depending on your demands. This will assist you in achieving the ideal lighting effect for your particular use case.

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What is an LED ring light?
An LED ring light is a lighting device that consists of a circular arrangement of LED bulbs. The bulbs are evenly distributed around the ring, providing a soft and uniform source of light.

How does an LED ring light work?
LED ring lights work by emitting light from the LEDs mounted on the ring. When the ring light is powered on, the LEDs illuminate, creating a well-lit and diffused light that reduces shadows and highlights the subject.

What are the advantages of using an LED ring light?
LED ring lights offer several advantages, including:

  • Even lighting: The circular shape of the ring light produces a uniform and diffused light source, minimizing harsh shadows.
  • Adjustable settings: Most LED ring lights come with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings to suit different lighting needs.
  • Compact and portable: LED ring lights are lightweight and easy to transport, making them convenient for on-the-go use.
  • Versatile applications: They can be used for photography, videography, makeup, video conferencing, and more.

Can I use an LED ring light with my smartphone?
Yes, LED ring lights can be used with smartphones. Many ring lights come with a phone holder attachment, allowing you to position your phone in the center of the ring. This setup provides well-lit and evenly distributed lighting for capturing photos, videos, or participating in video calls.

How do I power an LED ring light?
LED ring lights are normally powered by an electrical outlet using an AC adapter included with the light. Some ring lights may also be USB-powered, allowing you to plug them into a computer, power bank, or other USB power source.

Can I adjust the brightness and color temperature of an LED ring light?
Yes, most LED ring lights allow you to modify the brightness and colour temperature. These options allow you to alter the strength of the light and adjust the colour tone to meet the lighting conditions you prefer.

Are LED ring lights suitable for professional use?
LED ring lights are frequently utilised by professionals in a variety of industries, including photography, filmmaking, beauty, and content development. They provide handy and varied lighting solutions that might improve the quality of your work.

Are LED ring lights compatible with camera tripods?
Yes, many LED ring lights have a tripod mount or a separate adaptor for attaching to a camera tripod. This allows you to position the ring light at the ideal height and angle for your needs.

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